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Whenever there's breaking news on topics related to Internet security, you'll be the first to know. Check back to this page often for news and updates on the state of Internet security and how it might affect you.

WanaCry Ransomware Alert

On Friday, May 12, 2017, computers in nearly 150 countries were infected with ransomware, a type of computer infection that locks users out of the computer's files until a ransom is paid. While ransomware has been a threat for years, this particular strain, called WanaCry, caused a major disruption for several thousand businesses and individuals.

How does ransomware work?

  • Ransomware encrypts files on an infected computer and stops the computer's owner from accessing their files until a ransom is paid.
  • Ransomware is spread via an email that attempts to lure the reader into clicking links or opening attachments that contain the ransomware.

What do I need to do?

  1. Install the free security patch available from Microsoft (more details at
  2. Install Norton™ Security Suite if you don't have it, and make sure it is up-to-date if you do have it.

Tips to Protect Against Ransomware

  • Think before you click: Never click a link within an email or download an attachment if you are unsure about the email's authenticity.
  • Update Devices and Apps: Make sure your computer and mobile device is updated to the latest software version available. Additionally, all of your apps should be updated to the latest version. This helps keep your data secure.
  • Have good password hygiene: Your passwords should contain a mix of case-sensitive letters, numbers, and symbols, and it should be unique to each website. This way, if one account is compromised, your other accounts will still be safe.
  • Back up important files: Keep copies of important files by backing them up on a cloud service or external hard drive.

Comcast Security Alerts

Date Threat Level Title

Top Phishing Scams

Date Threat Level From Subject Line

Comcast Threat Levels

  • Critical

    There are currently multiple serious security issues that may threaten Comcast Customers. There may be a high prevalence of phishing or virus activity, or a specific issue that is particularly widespread and/or dangerous. Customers are advised to make sure all security software is up-to-date, exercise extreme caution on the Internet, and check the Security Channel often for updates and any specific actions that should be taken.

  • High

    The general level of security threat is currently elevated. There may be a new operating system vulnerability or a new form of spyware circulating on the Internet. Customers are encouraged to ensure all security software is up-to-date, check the Security Channel for any specific actions that should be taken, and maintain a high level of vigilance when using the Internet.

  • Medium

    The general level of security threat is currently at a normal level. Threats exist, but none have been determined to have dire consequences. Customers with updated security software should be fully protected, but are encouraged to remain vigilant as always for suspicious activity.

  • Low

    The general level of security threat is currently lower than normal. The overall quantity and/or consequences of security issues are low, but threats do still exist. Customers should make sure security software is up-to-date and check the Security Channel for updated threat levels.