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Who needs Constant Guard services?
(You, if you're reading this online.)

Would you keep your house unlocked, let your children roam free through dangerous neighborhoods, or leave your wallet unattended? It's scary to even think about, but that's what we're all doing if we spend time online without the right security in place. That is why Comcast created Constant Guard. We make it easy to protect yourself from online threats.

Constant Guard provides access to top-rated security products and services.

Products like Norton™ Security Suite (for PC) and Norton™ Internet Security (for Mac) offer superior protection against viruses and other online threats, including spyware, trojans, worms, and bots, and are provided free-of-charge for Xfinity Internet customers. Norton™ Mobile Security is also available for Android and iOS devices (charges apply).

Trusted Security Partners

Comcast partners with trusted national organizations who provide digital media awareness for children, education on how it affects them, and articles on how to promote safe online habits.